Best Trimmer for Men in India

Top 10 Best Trimmer for Men in India

Grooming is one of the essential aspects of mannered. A well-groomed man shows a sign of being responsible and self-disciplined. So I will Shear Article about Beat Trimmer for Men in India.

However, this factor neglected by most men and boys!

To keep their busy schedule running, they overlook self-care and looking good. As result, they face chaotic and tousled looks on important occasions.

The basics or necessities of presented need not much effort. By working on few points you can achieve a better appearance of yours!

Among all to have a good look you need a trimmer. And this post is all about Best Trimmer for Men in India.

Best Trimmer for Men

As we know shabby beard grow very quickly and if you roam around with that you might get not preferred as a groomed man.

So, keeping your beard trimmed and hygienic not only makes you attractive but also beneficial for your facial skin.

If you one of those who were already aware of this fact and looking for a suitable trimmer then you clicked on the right article!

Well in this article I will tell you how to choose the right trimmer. And what are the factors of a good trimmer? But most important here you will get introduced to the Top 10 Best Trimmer for Men in India.

This post is a buyer’s guide that will make your purchasing decisions easier for a trimmer.

Based on experts’ choice and valuable feedbacks the most useful trimmers listed below. Style your beard with Best Hair Trimmer for Men in India and achieve a worthy look!

So, let’s move straight to the point and discover the Best Trimmers in India.

Top 10 Best Trimmer for Men in India

Today I will shear Top 10 Best Trimmer for Men in India 2021 if you need a full review guide so I will Provide the best review guide of the Best Hair Trimmer please check it.

Best Trimmer for Men

Philips BT3211/15 corded & cordless Trimmer


When we talk about technology or advance expertise Philips stands as the best manufactures. From Best Hair Dyer in India and Best Mixer-Grinder in India to Best Vacuumed Cleaner in India, Philips shares large profit in Indian Market.

Similar, to trimmers their model Philips BT3211/15 corded & cordless Beard Trimmer is the choice of many Indian Men!

Let’s know more about it.

Design and Build Quality

This model Philips BT3211/15 corded & cordless Beard has designed with elegant and comfortable material.

It has clam and satisfying colors on it that make the trimming process peacemaker!

Talking about the build quality it has stainless steel extra sharp blades that remove have smooth. To prevent inflammation, this model has round structured blades.

It designed to work six times more than an average trimmer!


The long-lasting lasting performance of this trimmer is useful when you don’t have much time to wait.

This product not only executes well but also safe for your skin!

You can easily clean this trimmer by separating the top sector.

Designed with comfortable and attractive material.

You will get a 0.5mm blade cover with this pack!

Guarantee & Warranty

As we all know Phillips’s products come with durability. However, you will get extra 2 years of warranty on Philips BT3211/15 corded & cordless Beard Trimmer!


  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable Performance.
  • Quality Product.
  • Skin-friendly performance.


  • A quite high price.

Best Trimmer for Men

Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer for Men


We all know Syska due to its quality LED Bulbs and other home appliances. Here while talking about Best Trimmer for Men in India Syska holds great manufacturing power for it.

The factor that attracts most of the users is their budget-friendly products!

Here we have Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer, which has valuable aspects to buy. Let’s know more about it.

Design and Build Quality

Syska has given a professional touch to Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer that we can see from its structure and color. It comes with solid black in color on which they have labels with gray.

This color combination is beneficial if you are looking for a trimmer for the saloon.

At the sides, Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer has dotted material that is beneficial for grip while trimming.

One can run this trimmer for 30 minutes without a break!


Washable Blades of this model are easy to clean and reuse.

Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer has an easy control system with an ON and OFF button.

You can set up to 20 different lengths settings according to your beard length.

Trim with perfection with Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer!

Guaranty & Warranty

Syska has a good brand value in Indian Market and you get two years of brand guarantee on Syska HT800 Cordless Best Trimmer for Men India.


  • Value of money.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Professional design.
  • Warranty on the product!


  • Run time can be improved.

Best Trimmer for Men

MI Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer


MI is one of the leading brands in India. Although it is a Chinese company but its long-lasting products preferred by most of the users.

Here we have their model MI Corded & Cordless Waterproof Trimmer that claims to be the Best Hair Trimmer of Men in India. Is their claim is true or not? Let’s find out below.

Design and Build Quality

MI has given a unique and elegant design to this product. It has a comfortable grip and perfect performance. This model has a compact design that makes it easier to carry along.

For a specialized look, it comes with smooth black in color.

The stainless steel blades have a rounded tip that makes skin-friendly trimming. A full washable body is versatile corded and cordless usage.


The Ultra-powerful battery of this trimmer can perform continuously for 90 minutes.

It has a Travel Lock Feature that assures the safety of your trimmer.

You can set up to 40 different settings.

The IPX7 feature is useful to wash with ease!

Guarantee & Warranty

The price range of this product makes its warranty period of 1 year.


  • Perfect grip.
  • Travel lock.
  • Corded usage.
  • Stylish design.


  • Not any default till yet.

Best Trimmer for Men

Panasonic ER207WK24B Corded/Cordless Trimmer


When it comes to home appliances with advanced technology Panasonic Company can’t neglect! They hold superior products for Indian users and their brand value always stands on top.

Panasonic always has innovation in their products which followed by their trimmer model Panasonic ER207WK24B.

Is this product has worthwhile factors to buy? And is this product can be stated as Best Trimmer for Men in India? These all questions answered below.

Design and Build Quality

Panasonic ER207WK24B Corded/Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer has a unique and attractive design among all trimmers till now.

Where other brands focus on the professional appearance of their product this model came up with a wild and smart design!

Whether it is about its blades or overall body the curves and finishing on its body are perfect!

It comes with solid black color and a grained textured body. 

Talking about its build quality, it has a high-performance blade for precision trimming. Like using, maintain this model is very simple as it has a washable body.


  • Easy adjustable dial for setting up to0.2 to 1.8 cm.AC reparable method that lasts up to 40 minutes of endures running.

  • The lightweight model makes it easy to carry around!

  • Two attached blade covers.

Guaranty & Warranty

The company offers a warranty period of 2 years on this product.


  • Brand value.
  • Durable.
  • Quality product.
  • Light in weight.


  • Quite expensive.

Best Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless


If you are looking for a trimmer with the lowest price then Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless built for you!

This company is manufacturing trimmers and other small home appliances since along. The best part of their product is they have cheap price with modest performance.

Let’s know more about this product.

Design and Build Quality

As I mentioned above Nova products keep their product modest and clean so the design of the Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer is simple.

They have used black and gray color with curves on its body.

Stainless steel blades will give a smooth and great finish to your beard. After a complete charge, you can use it for up to 30 minutes.

However built quality is average and not suitable for a direct charge!


Removable and rechargeable batteries can be charged through a charger cable.

Precision blades are useful for fast and smooth trimming.

It is easy to handle as it has very lightweight.

3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and oil comes with the whole pack!

Guarantee and Warranty

Nova might be best at a budget-friendly price but their products are not much durable. Still, you get a 1-year warranty on this product.


  • Safe to use.

  • Affordable price.

  • Easy to handle.

  • Light in weight.


  • Average Built Quality.

Best Trimmer for Men

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series


Here we have another model from the king of innovation! Philips Norelco Multi groom All-In-One Series 3000 Trimmer holds value to be the Best Trimmer for Men Under 1000.

The price may look quite high but believe me, it is one of the best till now!

So, let’s find more about it.

Design and Build Quality

With an attractive-looking body, this model has a very impressive and relaxed look!

Here you will see a very comfortable grip on this trimmer that makes your trimming process calm. Its stainless steel blades maintain a sharp and smooth texture for your beard.

Its body holds great build quality!

The metal used to form this model is corrosion-free and can rinse with or without water.

Charge up to full capacity and use it for 60 minutes continuously!


  • Full metal motor and a drive train to archive best performance!

  • Ultra-fiberglass material used to prevent bending and buckling.

  • You will get a 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, and a 7mmm blade cover with it.

  • The value of money can be seen in this product!

Guarantee & Warranty

When you pay high you get quality and durable products. Additionally, you will get 2 years brand warranty on Philips Norelco Multi groom All-In-One Series 3000.


  • High-quality body.
  • Self-sharping blades.
  • Delivers great performance.
  • Great battery performance.


  • Quite expensive!

Best Trimmer for Men

Philips BT1212/15 USB charging cordless


Philips is a perfect combination of style and technology. When it comes to electric appliances they hold the majority of the Indian audience.

Similar to their model for Best Philips Trimmer for Men in India is BT1212/15 USB charging cordless that has high preferable factors.

Below I have listed its valuable aspects, check them out.

Design and Build Quality

Another Philips model with elegant and wild looks, this one designed that can use professionally in a salon.

Its blades are skin-friendly and it is possible due to its round tips!

Beard length can be set efficient using 1mm, 5mm, and 7mm covers. Or if you wanted a clean look goo with zero trim.

You can either charge it direct or indirectly through AC.


  • It gives long-lasting performance for up to 30 minutes.

  • Round tips of stainless steel blades also prevent irritation.

  • You can detach its head and clean it easily.

  • USB cable offered for flexible use.

Guarantee & Warranty

With durability and great performance you also get 2 years warranty on Philips BT1212/15 USB charging cordless Trimmer.


  • Value of money.
  • Brand value.
  • Elegant look.
  • High-quality body.


  • Battery backup can be upgraded.

Ustraa Chrome 300 Cordless Beard Trimmer


Ustraa is one of the leading Indian brands in this field. When we talk about grooming or men’s fashion Ustraa holds great values.

From beard oil to hair wax Ustraa manufactures everything that lies under men’s grooming.

In the list of Best Trimmers for Men under 2000, we have their model Chrome 300 Cordless Beard Trimmer. What makes this stand in the list of top ten trimmers? Let’s find out.

Design and Build Quality

Being growing manufacture, Ustraa spent great value on their brand. This can be seen in their trimmer model’s design.

It is easy to hold, the grip of this trimmer is real comfortable.

The body comes with black in color on which they have given gray color touch.

A blue LED light becomes the center of attraction when you put it on charging! Ustraa Chrome 300 Cordless Beard Trimmer has matt black finishing.


  • The battery is high-performing that can last up to 120 minutes.

  • T-shaped blades help their mechanism to work efficiently!

  • Charging time is really convenient.

  • Being a growing company they provide good customer service.

Guarantee & Warranty

The fast charging and long-run performance won’t stop its durability. You get 1 year of manufacturer warranty on this product.


  • Value of money.
  • Affordable product.
  • Good after service.
  • 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12mm covers!


  • No cons have seen yet.

Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer


Earlier I have mentioned that Nova main focuses on budget-friendly prices rather than quality. But here we have a high-quality trimmer at an affordable price and i.e. Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer.

Best Trimmer for Men in India can’t be chosen without this model.

It stands well in price, looks, and performance. Let’s find out more about it!

Design and Build Quality

Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer has a satisfying design as a trimmer should have. Black matt body with details in blue makes it a high-tech gadget.

At the bottom, you can notice a red dot that used to state power.

Self-Sharping Titanium Blades are the key in this trimmer, which is water-resistant as well.

Charge full through USB and use it for 45 minutes continuously!


  • You get 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18mm adjustable trimming for your beard!

  • Apply little pressure and you will find the perfect trimmed look.

  • Its working and look make it professional that can be used in salons as well.

  • However it is not suitable for direct plug and uses!

Guarantee & Warranty

Buy now and get 1 year of warranty on the Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer.


  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Various adjustable covers.
  • High-grade Titanium blades.
  • Recommended product.


  • No direct plug and use.

SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer


Last but not the least, here we have another valuable trimmer model from Syska.

With the advanced look and great enactment it maintains to stand as Best Trimmer in India. Let’s discuss more it.

Design and Build Quality

SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer have an ergonomic design that makes it look more high-tech and advance.

It has four covers, which give a 3mm to 12mm adjustable trimmed look.

20 lock setting is useful while traveling.

This model also has a red light indicator that displays the battery status digitally! You can charge through USB and use it for 90 minutes.


  • Trim your beard using up to 12mm cutting length and discover the best style.

  • Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry around.

  • Stainless steel blades assure smooth performance.

  • SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer are washable as well!

Guarantee & Warranty

You will get 2 years of manufacturing warranty from Syska on SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer.


  • Attractive look.
  • Modest design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.


  • Quite expensive.

My Recommendation

So, above we have discussed why trimmers are important and Best Trimmers for Men India. Even if you are not from India these are Top Hair Trimmers as users’ feedback!

All mentioned trimmers hold different prices, different performances with various looks. When it comes to select any one it becomes a difficult choice.

Well, don’t worry! check your requirements and match them with Best trimmer Brand. The one who fits best in your all requirements go for it!

From my recommendation, if you wanted to choose a budget-friendly trimmer check out Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer or MI Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer. They fit in the average budget and delivers good performance.

However, if you have a good budget and wanted to choose a quality trimmer choose between Philips models.

They are known for advance and good performance. The option can be Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000 and Philips BT1212/15 USB charging cordless.

Now, I am concluding this post and living your decision on yours.

If you found this article useful then let us know in the comment section for sure!


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