Best Mattress in India

Top 10 Best Mattress in India for Better Sleep

Today everyone has to go through rough days a person with a busy schedule and stress requires a peaceful sleep and every One Need Best Mattress a people search on Google best mattress in India. Because the pacific and comfy mattress helps you to sleep well. 

An upright mattress is an essential part of a hassle-free sleep. 

Also, it relaxes your back and other pressure points as well. Choosing the right mattress will improve your posture relaxes your muscles and contours your body shape. Going for the wrong one will result in disturbed sleep and back pain.

Why Best Mattress is Important

In India, there are tons of varieties of a mattress. And the fact is everyone guarantees to give you high comfort on a low budget. So, this makes purchasing a quality mattress pretty complicated. 

Before purchasing a mattress you should check for some factors like:   

Type of Material: There are many kinds of materials used to make these mattresses. Most of the people go for Latex (Those who want bouncy, cooling, and responsive mattress), Memory Foam (Best for people who are looking for a mattress that relieves pressure and support the back comfortably), and Innerspring (Recommend for those who want bouncy feeling).

Level of Firmness: Firmness level helps you to improve your body posture and relaxes the muscles. Basically, you get 3 types of firmness levels as soft, medium, and firm. Choosing among these three depends upon your weight, sleeping position, and any back pain.

 Soft firmness recommended for people who are light in weight and suffering from back pain issues. 

For those who come under average weight and sleep in mansions, medium level firmness will be a good option for them. 

And people with heavyweight having no back pain issue can go with a heavy firm level.

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You should keep an eye on some other factors like edge support, motion isolation, thickness, etc. 

Choosing an appropriate mattress from the market is turning into a difficult point. So, I will introduce you to the top 10 best mattresses. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a list of best mattresses in India that assures back pain and other important factors as well. But moreover, all mattresses will come on a pocket-friendly budget. 

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Mattress in India

Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress in India


Wakefit is an online shopping brand manufacturing a wide range of household products. They are much popular for their comfortable mattress. 

Their model Wakefit Orthopaedic conforms to your body shape and offers great support all over the night. Let’s discuss more it. 


The design kept as simple as it can. Wakefit Orthopaedic mattress has covered edges assuring good safety. 

The upper layer comes with white color and the bottom part designed with gray.  

It’s cover designed with high-cotton and bigger cell foam. This helps people to remove or clean the mattress from time to time. 

Build Quality

The core of this mattress is a field with memory foam. Having this thickness of foam makes the mattress durable and calm. 

This mattress is a great option for people who have past back pain issues. If you have a pregnant woman in your house, it will be the best option as with giving high comfort it also maintains a flexible temperature that keeps you cool. 

This mattress has weighed around 10kgs that makes it easy to carry around. 


  • A perfect solution for back pain problems.

  • Keeps the temperature flexible and cool.

  • Locks your favorite sleeping position and reduces back pain as well.

  • Density filled with memory foam.

 Guarantee and Warranty

Wakefit provides you 20 years of manufacture warranty on this mattress. Moreover, a free trial of 100 days is also offered by them. 

So, they are providing good after-sales service as well.  


  • 20 years of warranty.

  • 100days sleep trial.

  • Light in weight.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Comfortable.


  • No color option.

  • Quite high in price.

Best Mattress in India

SleepX Dual Medium Mattress


Known for superior mattress production, SleepX is supplying budget-friendly Best mattress in India market for a few years. 

sleep Dual is one of the finest products of them. This mattress provides a both hard and soft feel on different sides. 

What makes SleepX Dual much comfortable? Read more about it.


For sure your love the design and pattern of this mattress.  

Starting from the top, you get a clean white plan design on the surface. And at the bottom, you get a dark tone color like orange which has to line square patterns on it.  

This mattress is attractive without any doubt. But moreover, it is easy to clean as well.  

Build Quality

sleep Dual is absolutely fine in its quality. Half of the side has a little softer feel than others, this is an impressive feature for those who sleep in pairs. 

This mattress comes with a sensible firm core and provides spine orientation as well. For those who are facing minor back problems, this can be beneficial for them. 

Also, it has a soft center at mid for a spongy and bouncy feel. 

Overall, sleep Dual produced using top-graded material to fulfill the user’s requirements. 


  • With soft PU foam, it offers the desired comfort to users.

  • Provides both soft and hard material in the same product.

  • Has eye-catching design with impressive patterns.

  • sleep Dual comes with air mesh fabric assuring air circulation.

Guarantee & Warranty 

Although you can experience durability while using this mattress yet SleepX offers 3 years of manufacturer warranty to you. 


  • Attractive design.

  • Dual feel.

  • Personalized comfort.

  • Budget-friendly.


  • No major con.

Sleepyhead Original Mattress


You can easily found various matters with hard, soft, and bouncy quality but here Sleepyhead is offering you an all-in-one mattress at a reasonable price. 

This mattress is not reassuring but also provides high softness. Starting from design, let’s discuss more it.


Talking about the design this mattress has a classic design with light contrast colors. That means it will suit all kinds of surroundings. 

This is a luxury product recommended for soft and comfortable sleep. 

Overall, you will defiantly find its design striking.  

Build Quality 

The inner quality has 6 inches of memory foam. From a sturdy base, it has 4 layers that give good support and a bouncy feel. 

The mattress covered with washable fabric that allows the airflow as well. It provides motion isolation that helps you to take a deep sleep. 

Solving back pains is not the major purpose of this mattress, yet you can try and check within the trial period. 


  • 3 layered queen sizes offer you a wide range.

  • Sleepyheads can be easily washed.

  • It has a motion isolation factor assuring deep sleep.

 Guarantee& Warranty 

The company offers you 100 days of sleep trial before assuring you wanted to keep or not. And after the buy, you get 10 years of warranty, which is impressive. 


  • 10 years of warranty.

  • 100 days of a free trial.

  • Isolation factor.

  • Comfortable.

  • Washable.

  • Level in layers.


  • Top while layer gets to spoil and dirty easy.

Duroflex Best Mattress in India

Duroflex Back Magic Mattress


If you are suffering from any back pain and goes to a doctor, they most recommend using Duroflex’s mattress. 

Duroflex is India’s number 1 orthopedic mattresses selling company and certified by National Health Academy as well.  

For those who are looking for an orthopedic mattress that comforts your neck and back, this product Duroflex Back Magic will be a perfect option for them. 


With fine design and attractive patterns, these matters fit in every environment. 

I personally liked its pattern structure, the soft feel on touch gives a pretty royal experience. They also provide a short but great color option. 

Its familiar look makes it more impressive. 

Build Quality

Duroflex Back Magic offers high-density foam which absolutely helps to treat back pain. 

With different supports, you can get relief up to five high pressured zones. It cools down your body and relaxes your muscles as well. 

As it is highly recommended by doctors, there is no doubt in its overall build quality. 


  • Duroflex Back Magic comes with high-density foam.

  • It has an absolutely attractive design and pattern.

  • With amazing comfort, you get a perfect finish on this mattress.

  • Recommended by most of the orthopedic doctors.

  • Relaxes your muscles and provides full-body therapy.


If you found any defect while use or it doesn’t stand on its features, in this situation you get 7 years of manufacturer warranty. 


  • Comfortable.

  • Washable.

  • High recommended.

  • Best in price.

  • Attractive design.


  • Quite heavy.

Best Mattress in India

SleepyCat Mattress


Sleepycat is a company with lots of offers. They provide a variety of schemes on different products like pillows, curtains, cushions, bedsheets, and mattresses as well. 

The company is much popular for it after services like customer support and warranty. 

To know more keep reading. 


Sleepycat provides you a clean and quality design. Both young and old people will feel comfortable while using this Best mattress in India.  

However, old people find quite a dispute because of its soft layers but still, it serves great service for people facing any back problem. 

It doesn’t have color verity and patterns, which can be a disadvantage of this mattress.  

But overall, it suits most of the surroundings. 

Build Quality 

This is the factor where this mattress shins. 

Sleepycat provides 5 layers with 6 inches of thickness and its outermost layer has GSM fabric. This mattress contains quality memory foam, orthopedic gel, a neat cover, and a solid base as well. 

Its motion isolation feature helps you to sleep peacefully while sharing the bed. 


  • Dense with quality foam assuring high comfort.

  • Gives relief from both neck and back pain.

  • Sleepycat provides deep sleep.

  • 5 layers with 6 inches thickness.

  • GSM fabric.

 Guarantee & Warranty 

You can try this gel-based mattress for 30 days as a trial period. And if you found any issue after buy, don’t worry you can exchange it within 10 years of the warranty period. 


  • Easy to carry.

  • Washable.

  • Motion isolation.

  • Customer support.


  • The thickness is quite low.

Best Mattress in India

Century Lotus Mattress


Moving towards our next product in the list of best Mattress in India, here comes a quality mattress from a well-known company Century. 

They provide a comfortable mattress in an affordable price range. Let’s discuss one of their best products, Lotus mattress.


This mattress is pretty famous because of its attractive lotus pattern. 

It has an aesthetics look that adds beauty to any environment. This pattern fits perfectly with its contrasting colors. Moreover, it has a honeycomb structure as well that assures high comfort.  

The one thing it lacks that, no other color option on this mattress. 

Build Quality 

To assure relaxation of muscles and peaceful sleep this mattress comes with a proprietary foam topping. This makes the mattress more cool and comfortable. 

Also, it has a rubberized base that balances the whole mattress smoothly. 

Moreover, it has a self-ventilating feature as well. 

Overall, its build quality is up to the mark.

Guarantee & Warranty

You get 2 years of manufacture warranty on this Century Mattresses. 


  • Best in design.

  • The honeycomb structure and lotus pattern make this eye-catching.

  • This Century Mattress assures long term performance.

  • Premium comfort offered as well.


  • Aesthetic look.

  • Attractive design.

  • High build quality.

  • Rubberized base.


  • No motion isolation.

  • Low warranty.

  Springtek Dual Comfort Best Mattress in India


Springer dual comfort is an ortho foam mattress. Recommended by many and used by millions, this Best mattress in India has generated a huge profit in the Indian market. 

What makes this so special? Keep reading to know more.


With curvy patterns and burnished color, this mattress raises the standard of your living. 

It has classy look and comes with detailed finishing. 

The upper and lower part designed together to look puffier. It has curved edges and fits in any type of bed. 

Build Quality 

As the name says, this best mattress in India comes with pocket springs that give you a bouncy experience. 

Including the base, it has 4 layers that assure high comfort. Over the spring layer, a supportive layer provided for motion isolation. 

Its layers coated with premium quilt knitted as well. 

The secret behind its popularity lies behind its amazing future like you can use it from both sides. Yes, if you have surprise guests and your mattress looks quite dirty, change the side! 


  • It has a classy and clean design.
  • Comes with an attractive pattern.
  • You can use this mattress by changing its side.
  • It gives comfort assurance because of its 4 layers.

 Guarantee & Warranty 

A warranty period of 6 years provided on this mattress. But it is much more durable. 


  • Bouncy feel.
  • Motion isolation.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Impressive design.


  • Not light in weight.

Coirfit Ortho Best Mattress in India


Moving forward in the list of Best Mattress in India. Our next mattress with high customer support is Coirfit 6-Inch Ortho Bonnell Spring Queen Size Mattress. 

Those who look for a deep sleep after a busy day must try this mattress. 

It has some amazing factors, read below.


Tiny beautiful flowers designed on this mattress. You get an option between several high and low contrast colors. 

Mine favorite one is one with light pink and white in color as it gives peace to the eyes. 

Moreover, its structure helps you to reduce stress. 

Build Quality

You might have seen mattresses with a variety of springs but this one manufactured with Bonnell spring that gives a high supportive experience to the user. 

Its core layer is stable and provides peaceful sleep. 

It also helps in solving back problems and offers great relaxation to muscles. With a Bonnell spring structure, it also maintains cool temperatures. 

Overall, it has an upright build quality.  


  • The amazing Bonnell feature makes it comfortable.

  • Easy to carry anywhere.

  • Attractive design as well.

  • This mattress provides great back support.

 Guarantee & Warranty 

The minnow problem with this mattress is different websites offer different warranty between 2 to 10 years. So, giving a particular warranty is quite tough. 

But the company assures high durability of this product. 


  • Durable.

  • Lightweight.

  • Bouncy.

  • Quality design and structure.

  • Easy to clean and wash.

  • Variety of color option.


  • Quite expensive.

  • No particular warranty mentioned.

Sleepwell mattress

Sleepwell Starlite Best Mattress in india


Sleepwell needs no introduction. It is a very popular brand in the Indian market manufacturing durable mattresses at the lowest price. 

Their design, build and many other qualities always get up to the mark. 

One of their finest products, Sleepwell Starlite has millions of customers across the world. Let’s discuss more it.


This one designed simple and fresh. With curved edges, it assures safety and protection. 

Its breath looks quite unique from other mattresses. This mattress comes with eye-catching patterns. 

Moreover, manufacturers designed this supporting all kinds of environments. 

Build Quality

Although Sleepwell supplies long-term products this one has average build quality. 

The material used to create this is high-quality foam. And its upper layer is also denoted a premium feel. 

Overall, you get the best mattress in this budget. 


  • Pocket-friendly price.

  • It has a high comfortable foam.

  • Designed for a variety of environments.

 Guarantee & Warranty

Sleepwell provides you a warranty of 3 years on this Best mattress in India. From customer reviews, it is highly durable. 


  • Durable.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Washable.

  • Easy to carry.


  • No back pain improvement.

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

Extra Sleep Coir Best Mattress in India


Last but not the least, the next mattress on our list is Extra Sleep Coir. Although it is a foreign company still they are sharing great profit in India. 

For those who are looking for a supporting mattress, check out this one.

Design Its quality is up to the mark. With attractive color options it apt every surrounding. 

Extra Sleep Coir has a honeycomb pattern on its upper layer. Moreover, you will find side patterns that enhance its look.  

Build Quality 

Coir mattress comes with 5 inches thickness assuring perfect support and solves orthopedic issues. 

As mentioned, its second layer created from natural rubberized coir. It helps to improve your body posture when you go for a night of deep sleep. 

Extra Sleep Coir’s final layer built with PU foam. The material used in its cover is premium cotton fabric. It also maintains the air passage and provides a cool experience. 

No doubt in build quality, it is worthy. 


  • 4 inch back support.

  • It gives great support to your back.

  • Built with high-quality foam.

  • Cotton fabric is easy to wash as well.

 Guarantee & Warranty 

From the date of buy, you get the manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years. You can customize this mattress in more than 20 customizations. 


  • 5-year warranty.

  • Low in the budget.

  • Great quality.


  • Not light in weight.

My Recommendation

 So, we discussed the top best mattress in India. Each one of these is different from each other. They vary from price to price. 

If I got a chance to recommend a mattress from this list, it will be Sleepyhead Original 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. I choose this because it stands on my requirements. 

That’s how you should buy a mattress. Before buying, know why you need a mattress. Is it for regular use? Or you are facing any back issue? 

Then match your requirements from the key factors of a mattress. 

However, there are some factors you have to see before purchasing. Some of them listed below    

  • Mattress size.

  • Firmness.

  • Your bodyweight.

  • You’re sleeping position.

  • Mattress type.

 I hope this article helped you. Which mattress you were using till now? And which one you are going to buy? Comment below and let us know!  

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