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Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500 in India

In today’s day to day life no matter how you have a living or what you are doing at some point, you need an Best earphones under 500.

An earphone doubles your experience of connecting through the audio world. Watching movies/shows, listening to songs, or playing game earphones play an important role in it.

In the modern world earphones provide an inner peace once you put them on play your favorite song it disconnect you from the busy outer world.

Why you should buy an earphones

Earphones are the best partner for people who travels a lot, a journey is incomplete until you got your earphones and a window seat. At that moment you get attached to the songs and feel the pleasure.

Another reason to choose an earphone is that you can carry it with you. Listening to music on earphones over speakers makes a big difference a speaker will always produce a heavy baseline whereas an earphone makes you feel the depth of the music.

Earphones are much lighter as well, most of the time when I found myself lonely I prefer to listen to songs on earphones it gives me some mental peace.

Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000

Getting a good earphone is still a difficult task for many of us. Which earphone we should buy that has the best features stay for long and fits in our budget.

When we search on websites for a good earphone it shows expensive ones and if we filter a price margin the quality of the earphones goes down. So which one we should chose? And what are the qualities of a good earphone?

A quality product adds glory to the sound, it increases the experience to feel vocals and melodies.

Low-quality earphones under 500 can damage your earbuds because they were not build-up to the mark. 

A good earphone will always give comfort to your ears it will maintain a balance between base and terrible and avoids irritating noises.

Today the market has a lot of variety in the earphones variety in designs diverse colors are available in the market.

If you spend a little more you will get a comfortable and stylish earphone. Having an attractive earphone is also a necessary point to keep in mind. 

Anything you wear defines your personality. A good earphone should match your outfit and must be eye-catching.

These all are some points of a good earphones under 500. It takes time to find an earphone with all these qualities within your budget. 

So, with keeping so many points it is a little difficult to select a good earphone. But I will make this work easy for you.

Let’s discuss the list of some Best Earphones Under 500 and see which one suits you

Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500

beat earphone under 500

boAt BassHeads 152



the boAT is an Indian based company known for its variety of audio products in the market. Headphones, speakers, earphones, and wireless buds are much known products from boAt.


If you are looking for durable, good in appearance and low-cost devices, boAt products are the best option for you.


Design & Build Quality


The stylish and funky look of the boAt BassHeads 152 is eye-catching and heads out from other earphones. Its unique design makes it different from the rest of the market competitors.


This earphone has a good quality braided cable that nit only avoids getting tangled but also decreases the risk of earphone damage.


To avoid slipping down from the ears, the earpiece is made up of durable and strong metal. It fits in the ear smooth and maintains your comfort.


Sound Quality


The main aim of boAt BassHeads 152 is to give fantastic base output. Its driver has been set to deliver largets base output as possible.


It all performs well because of its 10mm sound driver producing minimal impedance. 


While using this earphone you will experience deep bass, clear vocals-chords, and very clean high-low pitches.


Guarantee & Warranty

 I used this earphone and found no major problems, but still, if you face any issues don’t worry you will get a domestic warranty of 1 year on this product.


Functions & Features 


  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. 
  2.  16 Ohm impedance rating.
  3. 10mm driver size unit.
  4.  Inbuilt microphone provided.
  5.  Available in Blue, Red, and Black.
  6.  120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm is its dimensions. 
  7.  1.2m cord length is available.
  8.  3.5mm angled jack.
  9.  3.5mm gold plated jack.


  1. Fits comfortable.
  2. Deep base.
  3. Braided cable.
  4. Good sound quality.


  1. Little bit of sound error in high volume.
  2. Sound quality should improve.
Best Earphone Under 500

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones


Known for awesome audio devices, JBL has a great share in the market. They have done a great job of providing Best Earphones under 500 at a decent price.

For those who are much considered about what they were and how it looks, JBL C50HI is a perfect option for them. It is stylish and attractive as well.

Design & Build Quality

JBL C50HI is one of the lightest earphones due to its build material i.e. light plastic segment.

Its design is decent and built up to the mark in this price range. Buts cord gets tangle a little faster and the headphone jack lacks the gold coating.  You can say JBL has shown much effort in this margin of the price.

Sound Quality

This model shows a well-balanced sound. The best is well managed, pitch, vocals, and chords can feel clear and adds extra powers while more volume.

Its 8.6mm custom driver performs pretty well in the area of producing sound.

JBL is a common popular of its high base sound quality and in this model, they proved themselves again. I used this product before informing you guys and it is worth it at this price.

Guarantee & Warranty

JBL C50HI comes with 12 months manufacturing warrantee that is a good offer within this price.

Functions & Features

  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency.
  2. Inbuilt microphone.
  3. 1.2m cord/cable.
  4. 30 Ohms impedance rating.
  5. 8.6mm driver.
  6. Available in Black, Blue, White, and Red.
  7. Product dimensions 6 X 3 X 17.5cm.


  1. Stylish.
  2. Long cable.
  3. High sound and bass output.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. 1 year warranty.


  1. Lacks tangle-free cable.
  2. Build quality can be upgraded.
Beat Earphone under 500

Boat BassHeads 225 Special Edition


On the third number in the list of top earphones under 500 here comes BaseHeads 225 Special Edition model from BoAt.

The boAt is amazing the Indian audience from its premium quality earphones for a long. This time they launched their special edition model BoAt BassHeads 225 that will amaze you from its performance. Let’s discuss more this product.

Design & Build Quality

The look of this model is decent like a regular pair of earphones. For better grip, knurled patterns have been designed that avoid getting cold.

Comfortable ear hooks are made for people who love working while their earphones are put on.

Another point I like about this product is its aesthetic cable because of its metal casing. And the headphone’s jack designed L-shaped to avoid stickiness while you work.

Sound Quality

This BaseHeads 225 comes with noise cancelation feature which isolates moderate noises. This is pretty good as you can easily experience every vocal and melody.

People who like to hear loud and aggressive music, this earphone will defiantly become their partner. The speaker claims to give Extra Bass.

The earphone was built targeting the overpowered sound for EDM and Hip-Hop genres.

Guarantee & Warranty

The warranty period for 1 year is available for this earphone. The boAt should appreciate this offer after providing so many features.

Functions & Features

  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency range.
  2. 1.2m flat cable.
  3. Available in a lot of color variety like Black, Blue, Forest Green, Neon Lime, and many more.
  4. 3.5m gold plated headphone jack.
  5. 10mm driver size.
  6. 16 Ohms impedance rating.


  1. Budget-friendly.
  2. Premium built quality.
  3. Overpower sound.
  4. Bundled ear hooks.


  1. Unstable highs and mids.
  2. Sensitive Microphone.

Mi Dual Driver Earphone


Xiaomi has supplied for the high demand of earphones since long. From mobile phones to Television, Xiaomi has earned a great part of the income from the Indian Gadget’s Market.

Mi Dual Driver is one of the highest sold earphones till now. Whether its performance or looks, this earphone stands out in design and quality both.

Design & Build Quality

The design is pretty cool like a regular earphone. It looks like Realme Buds, but much premium design that it.

As it is a Xiaomi product, the earpiece has magnetic ends! The cable braided and the mic fixed on the right cord for adjusting volumes and all.

The whole earphone is light in weight due to its segment plastic. The metallic coating saves from getting scratches and damage. And a stylish Kevlar design for a more attractive look.

Mi Dual Driver has aluminum coated earbuds with a matte finish. And the buds are much comfortable and sized to fit essays without any issue.

Sound Quality

This product is best for handling irrespective frequencies and pitches.

Most of the Mi Drivers are good on a heavy base. You will experience base-centric music with strong lows. Moreover, the whole game of this earphone lies on its 10mm driver so, people who like EDM and heavy-base sounds will love this one.

While listing in a silent room, you can feel a lighter difference between highs and mid, it is not capable for maintain a balanced audio.

Guarantee & Warranty

Xiaomi is a Chinese company, the more they provide cheap product the less durability the give. Still, Mi Dual Driver earphone comes with 6 months warranty period.

Features & Functions

  1. Have magnetic ends.
  2. L-shaped connecter.
  3. Available in Blue-Black classic colors.
  4. 10mm and 8mm dynamic driver.
  5. 20-20 Hz frequency response.
  6. 1.2m Y-shaped Cable.


  1. Balanced sound.
  2. Heavy base.
  3. Birded tangle-free cord.
  4. Comfortable.
  5. Stylish.


  1. Low warranty period.
  2. Irrespective pitch sometimes.
Best Earphone under 500

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100


Infinity is an audio-visual producing American Company, which is also a sub-brand of Harman. Popular for their earphones and Bluetooth speakers Infinity has a wide range of budget-friendly products.

The new Infinity Zip 100 is an awesome earphone for the new generation I had used this model for more than 4 months and found worth in this price range. Let’s discuss more it.

Design & Build Quality

The overall build quality is up to the mark and the design is pretty better than regular earphones.

Infinity Zip 100 has a really impressive design not only that the earpiece casing made up of light plastic segment that makes it more comfortable to you.

To avoid signal issues, its 3.5mm headphone jack coated gold ensuring excellent signal transmission.

It has silicon ear tips that not only fit perfectly but also reduce damage to your eardrums. A 1.2m tangle-free provided is flat enough to protect the inner wire.

Sound Quality

All game of this earphone revolves around its high base productivity. If you like an extra punch of base, this best earphones under 500 with mic is for you.

The sound profile is impressive with its high base and clear vocal-chords performance.

The 9mm drivers placed to produce largets base, whether it is high-low or mid-note Infinity Zip 100 delivers complementary deep output.

This is the field where this earphone shines. It is difficult to find an earphone with this much sound quality within this market.

Guarantee & Warranty

JBL claims to have durable earphones yet they give a year warranty on this product.

Features & Functions

  1. Heavy base output.
  2. Integrated mic with the inline remote.
  3. 20-20,000 Hz frequency response.
  4. 9mm driver unit.
  5. 16 Ohms impedance.
  6. 1.2m tangle-free cable.


  1. Produce a deep base.
  2. Soft earbuds.
  3. Voice assistant integration.
  4. Angled jack.
  5. Budget-friendly.


  1. Cheap inner earpiece.
  2. Average builds quality.
Best Earphones Under 500

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop


Moving towards our next earphone, here it comes an earphone from Boult. It is another marketing company with budget-friendly products.

New Boult Audio BassBuds are one of the comfortable earphones with decent sound output at a cheap price.

Design & Build Quality

This one is constructed through light plastic which does not only make it weight-free but also durable.

Its design is impressive and refreshing as well as because of its two-tone color. This model adds extra class to your look.

For those who use earphones during a fast workout, this best earphones under 500 has an extra ear hook that keeps the speaker inside the ears avoiding earpiece fall.

A 3.5mm headphone jack comes with a gold coating which reduces the signal issues.

1.2m cord provided which is not tangle-free but thick enough to protect the inner wire.

Omit the design and build quality is up to the mark is this price range.

Sound Quality

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop offers rich and deep bass sound with controlled mid-high tones.

This earphone features 10mm aluminum drivers with minimal impedance. This makes the product deliver high-quality sound output.

Hence, the sound quality is decent and clear to the ears.

Guarantee & Warranty

A domestic warrantee for 1 year given.

Functions & Features

  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency response.
  2. 10mm sized driver.
  3. 16 Ohms impedance rating.
  4. 1.2m cable.
  5. Inbuilt microphone.
  6. HD acoustics.


  1. Micro woofers for an extra base.
  2. Adjustable cable.
  3. Ear hooks.


  1. No tangle-free cord.
  2. Less color verity.
Best Earphone Under 500

Realme Earbuds 2


Realme is popularly known for its premium designed earphones. They supply a large number of speakers, earphones, wireless buds in the Indian market.

Keeping the low budget in the mind, they made Earbuds 2 with good quality performance. I used this earphone before giving feedback.

Design and Build Quality

Realme Buds 2 comes in a yellow-black color scheme. The rubber Y-splitter is durable with a braided cord connecting to Y-splitter.

Hanging around the neck, a remote carrying mic fixed on the right side of the cable. The mic catches decent and clear audio. It has a nice design and easy to call receive-end as well as controlling volume.

Realme Buds 2 has magnetic buds like neckband styled earphones with a matte black finish.

I used this earphone and didn’t found and paint loss on it, they have done a good paint job is this.

Sound Quality

Realme impress us here a lot. Buds 2 handles a great base; the sound is clear, crisp, and loud as well.

If you are looking for a gaming earphone you should go for this product. The audio is very clear and you can easily make a difference between high and low pitches.

Overall the sound quality is well and balanced, quite impressive at this price.

Guarantee & Warranty

A warranty period of 6 months is given. You don’t have to worry, if you use it properly it will long last.

Functions & Features

  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency response.
  2. 1.25m tangle-free cord.
  3. 11mm audio driver.
  4. Comes in groovy yellow-black color.


  1. Good sound quality.
  2. Durable.
  3. Birded cable.


  1. Less comfortable.

Mi Basic


As I discussed before how Xiaomi has good production in the Indian market. It doesn’t need any introduction.

MI Basic is one of the affordable earphones I know. Most of the Indian market gets attracted to MI earphones and for this one, they showed the same love.

The MI Company has not only to design good earphones but also won the hearts of many Indians by its impressive accessories.

Design & Build Quality

Xiaomi has changed the perspective of their products, before Chinese products considered to be cheap but today, the majority of the population prefer MI products because of its durable quality.

Mi Basic comes with an incline-mic on its unique shape. They performed well more than our expectations.

At a very first view, you will notice it’s detailed design. The overall look is minimal at best.

This model has a silicon earpiece to maintain your ear’s comfort and avoid getting slipped.

A headphone with goal coating plays a major role to avoid signal issues and gives the clean-clear sound output.

The new MI Basic has a mic and the button to operate hands-free calls with excellent quality.

Sound Quality

Moving towards the sound quality, MI Basic has a 10mm neodymium driver for loud and clear vocals-chords.

Its incline mic delivers HD quality voice as well.

You will experience detailed music because of its wider frequency. It avoids they mix high-low pitches and balance the mid one.

MI Basic comes with an aluminum alloy chamber in it, which amplifies the sound output as well.

Moreover, if you love EDM and Hip-Hop and looking for a high-base earphone you can see other products of the list.

Guarantee & Warranty

MI products have increased their durability and this MI Basic has 1 year of domestic warranty.

Functions & Features

  1. 20-20,000 Hz frequency
  2. 32 Ohms impedance rating.
  3. 10mm sized driver.
  4. 1.2m cord.
  5. Inbuilt microphone.
  6. Suited for long listening.
  7. Durable fir & finish.
  8. Clean and clear vocals.


  1. Comfortable.
  2. Durable.
  3. Excellent built quality.
  4. Minimal design.


  1. Can upgrade.
  2. Base is not too good.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94


Philips is a low-known company in India. It sells budget-friendly earphones under 500 with good quality and decent sound output.

The new Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 model comes in the list of low budget earphones with the good build quality. Let’s discuss more it.

Design & Build Quality

This best earphones looks premium and classic through design, despite its build plastic.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 has a silicon earpiece that fits comfortably in the ear canal and produces balanced sound output.

It comes with an average black-silver paint job mask which is like a regular earphone.

But the 3.5mm headphone jack lacks the feature of angled and gold plated. Yet it looks well.

Sound Quality

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 generates natural bass and mids highs. Its driver is quite small.

8.6mm speakers are available, which can be upgraded. But good enough in this price range.

It’s another downside is its unequal deep base. Although it has a 10-20,000 Hz frequency response yet performs quite uneven.

The pitch can get affected because it doesn’t have gold coating creating signal problems.

This best earphones under 500 rs suite for those who like listening to soft music.

Guarantee & Warranty

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 has manufactured a warranty of 6 months.

Functions & Features

  1. 10-20,000 Hz frequency response.
  2. 8.6mm sized driver.
  3. 1.2m cable.
  4. 16 Ohms rated impedance.
  5. Inbuilt microphone.
  6. Preferred for listening to soft music.
  7. Noise cancellation.
  8. Brand readability.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Thick cable.
  3. Minimal design.
  4. Affordable.


  1. No gold-coated headphone jack.
  2. Average bass.
  3. Can improve.

Philips SHE2305BL/00 upbeat in-ear earphones


Here comes another top earphones under 500 from Philips. As I told you they have a budget-friendly best earphone under 500 range, this model will surely impress you.

Philips SHE2305BL/00 upbeat in-ear earphone is pretty better than Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94. There is a difference in their design quality and sound output. Let’s discuss further it.

Design Quality

This one is designed as a regular earphone but with a bright color like white, Bright-Blue, Purple-Pink, and a classy color Black.

The design is built while keeping in mind a lightweight earphone.

Its earpiece is ultra-comfy and easy to put in. The oval earbuds are design opened that pleases your ears.

An integrated mic is available that helps to switch from music to calls easy. Its incline mike is available for controlling volumes.

Sound Quality

Philips SHE2305BL/00 upbeat in-ear earphone comes with a 12.2mm driver that gives a clear and clean output. The base is average and the vocals are clear.

Its 1.2m cable is thick enough to protect the wire and keeps the signal clear from jack to your ears.

Most people have an issue of eco while calls. Philips SHE2305BL/00 upbeat in-ear earphone has an eco cancelation feature that will perform well.

Guarantee & Warranty

6 months of the warranty period is available on this product.

Functions & Features

  1. 10-20,000 Hz frequency.
  2. 12.2mm sized driver.
  3. 16 Ohms rated impedance.
  4. 1.2m cable.
  5. Bright in colors.
  6. Clean & clear sound.
  7. Available in Black, Marine Blue, White, and Purple.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Good music experience.
  3. Available in bright colors.
  4. Translucent housing for dual layer effect.


  1. Not compatible with all devices.
  2. Can improve.

My Recommendations

So, we discussed some durable and good quality Best earphones under 500. These all perform up to the mark in this price range.

If you ask about my choice, I prefer JBL C50HI because it has the amazing bass output and vocal quality. 

I used this earphone and found impressive, I prefer this one because I like to listen to the base-rich sound.

Which earphone you should buy depends upon what qualities you want in it. You must see which one fulfills your requirements.

But, some points you should see in an best earphone under 500 before buying it:

  1. It wired or wireless.
  2. Its drivers.
  3. Its frequency response.
  4. Its cord.
  5. Its sensitivity.
  6. Its impedance rating.
  7. Its earwax cleaning.
  8. Its noise-echo cancellation
  9. Its base output.
  10. Its price as well.

I hope, this article helped you and shorted out your confusion. All they mentioned earphones might be in your budget.

Which earphones do you like the most? Or which one you are going to buy? Comment down your favorite one and tell us why you like it?

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